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In the words of Country Club Prep:


noun | prep·re·sen·ta·tive | preprəˈzen(t)ədiv/

A prestigious campus ambassador, passionate about all things preppy.

In other words: I get to wear and promote my favorite brands while gaining advertising and marketing experience!

Being a (p)representative or brand ambassador is so much more than perks and modeling. Just ask any one of us and we can attest to that. You apply with a resume, fill out several forms, and sometimes even undergo a phone call/ interview. I look at it as job application practice! Many of the companies I represent inquire about your college major, GPA, extra curricular activities, post-grad goals and aspirations, as well as what you hope to gain from working for their company. They look for driven, young individuals who are hoping to gain real-world experience while earning rewards or commission for helping a company grow their audience among college and high school campuses. Below are the discount codes for the four brands I currently represent, check them out! If you have any questions please leave a comment below or go to my “Contact” page!

I’m lucky enough to represent these amazing brands below! Look around, then use my codes at check out to receive some awesome discounts!

Country Club Prep: Contact Me (21% off)

Fraternity Collection: HannahPeck16 (15% off)

Southern Cross Apparel: HannahP10 (10% off)

United Tees: Hannah_15 (15% off)

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